I continue to work in many top studios around the world and of course like so many producers now, modern technology allows us to build our own world class production/mix studios at home :


Listed below are a number of studios I have worked in….

  • Metropolis, London
  • Windmill Lane, Dublin
  • Amberville, N. Ireland
  • Air Edel, London
  • Sing Sing, Melbourne
  • Metalworks, Toronto
  • Attica Audio, Donegal
  • Grouse Lodge, Westmeath,
  • The Cauldron, Dublin,
  • Beethoven St, London


Western Seaboard Studio

Below is a list of equipment available at my home studio.
  • Avid Pro-tools HD3 accel+ system
  • Mac Pro Intel
  • Lynx Aurora 16 mastering quality convertors
  • SSL Summing Mixer
  • API pre-amp channel strip
  • SSL pre-amp channel strip
  • Neve pre-amp channel strip
  • Mackie Onyx 2480 console for extra inputs
  • Dynaudio BM15a monitoring
  • Avantone Mixcube monitoring
  • Primacoustic recoil stabilizers and room kit
  • Various microphones and instruments
  • Comprehensive plug-in collection

This room has been used to great effect for overdubs, post-production and mixing.